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Seafood Cocktail

March means college basketball playoffs, baseball spring training, and the restaurants are at there busiest. We are definitely in full swing with our northern friends down from the north. Our local gag grouper is still not showing up in big numbers. Water temps should be warming and that should hopefully bring on the bite. My recipe this month is a seafood cocktail from south of the border that has some heat and some sweet. A perfect spring time appetizer for your first porch party of the year.

Canadian Salmon

February is here and that means another transition month for fruits and vegetables. Plant City strawberries are starting to show up as the citrus has looked the best I’ve seen in months. We should start seeing some spring time item’s like Cipollini onions, Herbs, melons, and varietal lettuces as well. Local Grouper also will be tight as the Mexican side of the Gulf of Mexico closure is February 1st to April 1st. which means supply and demand prices will also go up. My recipe this month is Salmon dish with an Asian flare. I hope you will enjoy and until next month, Bon Appetite.

Gourmet Lamb Burger

Happy New Year to all and I hope 2018 brings you a healthy and prosperous one. We are entering our 26th.year of existence with much enthusiasm.
My recipe this month is a meat item. It is a 50/50 burger that has beef and lamb as the blend. I hope you like it and until next month, Bon Appetite.

Cashew Crusted Key West Snapper w/ Coconut and Lemongrass Emulsion & Hawaiian Pesto

Happy Turkey month, my fellow Guppy followers. My recipe this month is a Snapper dish with an Asian / Hawaiian flair. I hope you will make it for yourself or your friends. Enjoy, and until next month , Bon Appetite

Baby Arugula salad with Tangerine Vinaigrette & Ginger and Orange glazed shrimp

My recipe this month is an Arugula and shrimp salad that has a combination of ingredients that will aim to please. Hope you will enjoy and until next month,
Bon Appetite

Shrimp and Grits

My recipe this month is another popular menu item by most. It’s my version of shrimp and grits. I hope you will enjoy

Florida Lobster Salad Martini

My recipe this month features our Florida lobster and is a cool refreshing appetizer that your guests will go bonkers over. I hope you enjoy making and sharing it with friends. Until next month, Bon Appetite

Grouper Cheek Po Boy w/ Spicy Remoulade

This month’s recipe’s ingredient is grouper cheeks, a part of the fish that isn’t utilized enough, but can be used for many recipes. I hope you enjoy and until next month, Bon Appetite

'Open Blue' Cobia Ceviche

My recipe this month is a ceviche with our Open Blue Cobia. This fish is a sashimi grade fish so you start in the morning and finish it and serve for dinner. Hope you enjoy and until next month, Bon Appetite.

Mango, Papaya & Pineapple Moonshine Salsa

My recipe this month is a salsa for the spring featuring mangoes, papaya, and pineapple. This salsa can be served atop grilled, blackened, or Jerk chicken and fish, shrimp, or scallops. Please enjoy, and until next month, Bon Appetite

Sriracha shrimp and coucous salad

My recipe this month is a salad that is a little different than the usual greens salad, but packs a punch and is a little unusual, but has given Guppy’s much success. I know you will enjoy. Until next month,Bon appetite…

Oyster’s Bienville

March is Mardi Gras month and in the spirit of New Orleans my recipe this month is a New Orleans older but goodie. Please enjoy and we’ll see you at the restaurant.

Chocolate Hazelnut Bread Pudding

This month’s recipe is on the sweeter side in celebrating Valentines Day. I hope you will make it and be successful doing so. Until next month, Bon Appetite

Chocolate Hazelnut Bread Pudding

Guppy’s Seafood Bowl

My recipe for January is a Mediterranean dish similar to bouillabaisse, well my version of this seafood and broth combination. I hope you will enjoy, until next month….

Bacon Wrapped Cobia Chorizo Asiago Grits & Smoked Paprika Sauce

My final recipe for the year is a hearty warm hearted Open Ocean Cobia dish that will make you the hit of your Christmas Party. Have a great Holiday, and a Happy New Year. Let’s bring 2017 in with a more Sustainable mind set for our community and the world….

Crispy Pecan Chicken Salad w/ Buttermilk Tarragon Dressing

​My recipe this month is a great fall salad to have and entertain with friends outside with a crisp bottle of white wine. I hope you enjoy, until next month….

Diver speared Hog fish with a Panko cheese crust and a vodka cream sauce.

My recipe this month features Diver speared Hog fish with a panko cheese crust and a vodka and tomato cream sauce. You can substitute with grouper, red snapper, or Sea bass. I hope you will enjoy and until next month, Bon Appetite.

Tuna Spring Roll

This months recipe is an oldie and definitely a goody. A blast from the past.Enjoy with your friends. I hope you are successful in your preparation of this dish. Til next month..

Bermuda Fish Chowder

This months recipe is another customer request. It is a soup we make often and is similar to my Indian Rocks Fish Chowder but contains curry spice and a blonde roux instead of a dark roux. I hope you will enjoy and until next month. Bon Appetite.

Herb Crust Pork Loin Chop with Brandy Crimini mushroom sauce

My recipe this month is from a request from a guest. It is a pork dish with an herb crust. I hope you will enjoy. Until next Month. Bon Appetite.

Southern Fried Grouper Cheeks

My recipe this month is a twist on Southern Fried Chicken. Instead of chicken, I'm substituting Grouper Cheeks. I've used Halibut Cheeks at Guppy's for this recipe, but I dont think you'll find those at your local fish monger. I hope you enjoy and till next month.

Truffle Maine Lobster Mac & Cheese

This months recipe is a popular appetizer here at the restaurant. I hope you have success in making this dish for your guests.

Potato Crusted Salmon with Creamy Leek & Garlic Sauce

April is one of my favorite months. Our weather is at its best, we have the Masters golf tourney, College Basketball final four, NHL playoffs, Baseballs opening day, and I was born in April. My recipe this month is a customer request, and one of our founding dishes 24 years ago. I hope you will enjoy, until next month Bon Appetite!

Lemon Pepper Grouper w/ Asparagus Vinaigrette

Spring is finally here and we are in full season swing. The local black (gag) grouper has been at its best this month. This months recipe features that black grouper and Florida produce cooked with an Asian flair.

Coconut Red Curry Sauce

My recipe this month is a Thai broth/ sauce that I like to make in the winter that goes well with fish, udon or soba noodles and vegetables. It is spicy, but is also savory and best served when we have a cold snap and when you feel a little cold coming on. It will clear the sinuses. Enjoy and Ill see you next month.

New England Clam & Spam Chowder

Happy New Year to everyone and lets make 2016 a great year by eating more FISH. The predicted foodie trends for this coming year are not what I expected. Seaweed, sauerkrauts & pickled cabbages, chili pastes, ice cream sandwiches, vegetables over proteins, and Spam. Yes, Spam. This months recipe is a twist on New England clam chowder introducing Spam in the recipe. Bon Appetite.

Braised Boneless Beef Short Ribs

Because we are in winter and Im a Steak and Potato guy, my recipe this month is our braised boneless beef short ribs. This comfort food is just what youll need when we get a cold snap and you crave a warm, wholesome, meal. Pair this with some creamy risotto, or homemade spaetzle noodles, a bottle of Cabernet, and youll be ready for a nap. I hope you enjoy and well see you in the New year.

Tandoori Rubbed Swordfish

My recipe this month is a Guppys Fall favorite. Im using Swordfish, but you can substitute Cobia, Mahi, or Tuna. I hope you enjoy and until next month Bon Appetite.

Sweet Potato Pecan Salsa

My recipe this month is a salsa to top off grilled swordfish, mahi mahi, tuna, chicken breasts, or even scallops. I hope you enjoy. Until next month.

Oysters Sicilian Style

My recipe this month is a simple twist on a salsa or a mignonette that can be spooned on fresh shucked oysters or clams or tossed with shrimp and chilled angel hair pasta. It's a cool refreshing condiment for the last hot month of the year.

Char grilled Florida Lobster, key lime Chipotle butter Coconut, Mango Cole Slaw

My recipe this month features the Florida Lobster. If you are fortunate enough to get some at your local fish market, try this simple but refreshing take on our states great seafood.

Oysters Rockefeller

This Months recipe is an oldie but one of my favorites to order when I go out to eat. It is Oysters Rockefeller. I hope you enjoy.

Ginger, Soy, lemongrass, beech mushroom Broth

My recipe this month is a broth that I serve with pot stickers, but can be used to poach seabass, salmon, or even grouper, and snapper. I hope you enjoy and well see you next month.

Tuna Poke Tacos

My recipe is a nice little appetizer that will certainly make your friends jealous and want to know your secrets. Enjoy and well see you next month.

Swordfish Fisherman Style

This months recipe is an oldie, but goodie, I actually got from my partner. I used to prepare this 23 years ago when I was the soux chef at Eugens Restaurant before it became E & E Stake out. It is a Swordfish fisherman style. Know that this is bbq weather, this will be a treat for your friends.

Baby Kale Salad w/ apricot glazed shrimp

My recipe this month is a salute to spring and dinner salads that you can make for guests paired with a Pinot Grigio that will please the palate. I hope you enjoy this one. Have a great month ahead. See you next month.

Truffle Lobster Mac and Cheese

My recipe this month got a thumbs up at the event so I thought I would share it with you and I am thinking of putting it on the menu as well. Please enjoy. Til next month..

Mini blueberry cobblers

My recipe this month is from our mini dessert menu. It is one of my favorite fruits and is grown in the neighboring state above where I was born in the summer. They are Michigan Blueberries. Make this simple cobbler at home and serve to friends while the weather is still chili enough. Until next month, Bon Appetite.

Open Faced Brie Sandwich

This months recipe is one of our new vegetarian dishes that even a non vegetarian will enjoy. Until next year.

Bon Appetite!

Open Face Brie, Apple, and Arugala Sandwich

Tuscan Salad with Bleu Cheese and Figs

Tuscan Salad with Bleu Cheese and Figs

Pumpkin Crme Brulee

My recipe this month keeps us in the Holiday spirit with the use of fresh pumpkin. Think about this recipe when you are carving up those big orange squashes. The meat discarded meat will work great and save you money. Enjoy and well see you next month.

Sea Bass w/ white miso, lemongrass, and Beech mushroom broth

Fall is around the corner and it's my favorite cooking season as Im a big comfort food guy. My recipe is a customer request that involves Chilean Sea Bass, lemon grass, Hoison sauce, and Beech mushrooms. I hope you enjoy and will see you next month.

Goat cheese spread with grilled ciabatta toast

My recipe this month is a great appetizer to share with a bottle of wine or two as it is flavorful and satisfying to the appetite. Enjoy and wish us luck on our improvements. Hope you will like what you see. CHEERS.

Char grilled Hawaiian Ahi with a Nectarine red onion relish

This months recipe is one with a seasonal item we will be featuring this month which is nectarines and Ahi Tuna. I hope you will enjoy. Til next month, Bon Appetite

Skirt steak salad

My recipe is a great meat salad that is not only hardy, but light and can be a crowd pleaser at your next outing. I hope you enjoy and til next month.Bon Appetite.

Fresh shucked oysters with a champagne Mignonette

Fresh shucked oysters with a champagne Mignonette

Serves 4

24 Of Your Favorite Fresh shucked oysters ( east coast, west coast, or gulf )

2TB. Fresh Shallots (minced)

1 cup Champagne Vinegar

1 / 2 tsp. Fresh Ground Black Pepper

1/2 tsp. Fresh ground Sea Salt

1) Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl and blend well.Place in fridge and let sit and chill. This is best made 1 day ahead. The shallots will turn a light pink color.

2) Place six ousters on six oyster plates or use deep dishes and place crushed ice on them and arrange six oysters on each. Pour one teaspoon on the mignonette on each oyster. Serve to your guests and enjoy.

Indian Rocks Fish Chowder

My recipe this month is by request. Its our Indian Rocks fish chowder. I hope you enjoy. See you next month.

Guppy's shell fish cobb salad

This months recipe is one by request of one of our local supporters. Its our shell fish cobb salad, a great springtime treat that is healthy and not to heavy .This will pare up nicely with a sauvignon blanc or a crisp chardonnay. I hope you enjoy, and Ill see you next month.

Salmon and Dill Bisque

My recipe this month is a soup we have been doing for years and have had many requests for the recipe. It is a salmon and dill bisque. It is a rich and very elegant soup for a formal party or just a cold day meal that will satisfy your hunger. Enjoy, and well see you next month.

Chicken wing Dip

My recipe for this month is a simple party favorite you may have seen but maybe not with rotisserie chicken. My family does not let this one sit for long. It can be made a day ahead and baked before your guests arrive. With the super bowl coming, this dish is a must. Please enjoy and well see you next month.

Shrimp Ajillo

This months recipe is a spicy and light starter for your next holiday party or appetizer. It is a Shrimp Ajillo. Ajillo means with garlic in Spanish and we pep it up with a Caribbean flair.I hope you enjoy .

Mediterranean styleChar grilled Mexican Octopus

November brings in cooler weather, fall festivals, and what should be the height of stone crab season. However, the catch this year has been minimal and pricey. Last year the octopus ate most of the crab and could be the reason there are not many this year. My recipe this month consists of that pesky octopus and one the stone crab would be in favor of. Its prepared in a Mediterranean style on a char grill. Please enjoy and well see ya next month.

Cranberry Ginger Chutney

My recipe this month is cranberry, ginger chutney. This is a great condiment for jerk grilled swordfish, chicken or turkey.

Hogfish Ceviche

Ceviche is one of my favorite preperation. This Hogfish ceviche recipe is a two day process but well worth the wait. Enjoy, til next time CHEERS!!!!!

Spicy Tuna Tartar

My recipe this month involves Sushi grade tuna and a few unexpected ingredients that make this tartar recipe cool and delicious. I hope you enjoy. Until next month, CHEERS.

Korean BBQ Karubi Ribs

I hope you will enjoy this months recipe, Korean BBQ Karubi Pork Short Ribs! The Ribs is one of the items that will be featured on our new food menu coming out towards the end of July. I will see you at Guppy's soon. Cheers!

Lemon- ginger crme brulee

This months recipe is one that will be soon put on our dessert menu along with three other new sinful treats for your liking. My sous chef Jose Rizo and I have been working hard to bring lighter and fruiter endings to your dining experience. It is a lemon - ginger crme brulee. Please enjoy and well see you next month. Cheers..

Parsnip And Fuji Apple Bisque

My recipe this month is a soup that we will be serving Sunday on moms day so come out and try it. And if not, enjoy this recipe and share it with your friends. until next month. Cheers.

Ginger, Soy, lemon grass, mushroom broth

My recipe this month is an Asian broth that you can use in many ways .We serve it with a pork pot sticker. You can serve it with udon or soba noodles, shrimp, scallops, white fish, and more. I hope you will enjoy it. See ya next month.

Guppy's Avocado Chimichurri

This months recipe is a twist on the Argentinean condiment, Guppy's Avocado chimichurri. You can serve this with your favorite steak, char grilled swordfish, mahi mahi, tuna, and cobia. Have a great March and a Happy Easter.

Blue Crab Bread Pudding

My recipe for this month is a side dish that goes well with scallops, shrimp, and creamy sauces as well. I hope you like it and I wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS !

Gruyere crust Grouper with a Smoked Tomato Vodka sauce

My recipe this month is inspired by the grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup I grew up eating as a child, but with fish and a twist on the tomato end . I hope you enjoy, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Guppy's Flour less Chocolate Torte

My recipe for the month is one some of our local and out of state email friends have been asking for. Its our flourless chocolate torte. I hope you enjoy and until next month, cheers

Tuscan chicken

My recipe this month is a chicken dish that has earth tones coming from wild mushrooms, smokeless pancetta bacon, and creamy finish with fontina cheese. It is our Tuscan chicken recipe on our menu. Try it with us and make it at home and compare. Til next month.

Shrimp & Scallop Stuffed Spiny Lobster

My recipe for the month is just that. A shrimp and scallop stuffed spiny lobster to impress your guests on your next party or get together. Enjoy this recipe and see you when I return from the keys.

Curry Shrimp Salad

My recipe for the month is another appetizer idea you can enjoy with your friends . It is a shrimp curry salad on iceberg lettuce cups. Hope you enjoy . til next month, CHEERS

Octopus ceviche

My recipe this month is a great appetizer to share with a smooth tequila or cold beer. Please enjoy and til next month. Cheers

Watermelon Arugala salad

This months recipe is a light refreshing salad you can make all through the summer that we had great reviews on the past couple weeks. It is a great dish by itself or as an accompaniment. I hope you enjoy. See ya next month.

Louisiana BBQ Shrimp

This months recipe is inspired by a trip I made to New Orleans with my children a few years back. I hope you Enjoy!!

Blackened Gulf Gag Grouper w/ Tomato,Ginger, Thyme Vinaigrette

Plant City Strawberries with a Grand Marnier Cream

This month's recipe is inspired by Valentines day. I hope you enjoy

Spicy Curry Crab Roll

Crepes, cream cheese, snow crab and a mix of spices for a little kick.

Hoison BBQ Veal Chops

The recipe that I have chosen to finish out the year is one of my favorites and incorporates my favorite way to cook veal. It is a charcoal grilled chop with an Asian twist. This chop goes well with morocco couscous or an asian style slaw. I hope you enjoy.

Roasted Corn and Wild Mushroom Salsa

This months recipe is a roasted corn and wild mushroom salsa. This condiment goes well with char grilled fish, herb roasted chicken, or mesquite or smoked scallops. I hope you enjoy it. Until, next month

Gulf Hogfish

This months recipe is Jamaican Jerk Gulf Hogfish. Don't be fooled by the name. When we feature Hogfish on our daily specials it flys out of the kitchen.

Blackened Swordfish Steak with a Tomato Corn Tartar

This month's featured recipe is Blackened Swordfish with a Tomato Corn Tartar.

Spearmint Creme Brulee

My recipe for this month is a crme brulee that is cool and minty , sweet, but not heavy. It is a spearmint crme brulee. I hope you like it. See you next month.


My recipe for July is a great chilled soup for your next barbecue or outdoor function. Some of you may remember when it was a regular feature on our menu!

Guppys baby Arugala Salad

One of our most popular salads. it's quick and easy to make once you have you ingredient list. Enjoy!

Horse Radish Crusted Sea Bass

This month's recipe is take on dish that our General Manager Paul Russell had shared with me after having seen it at a restaurant while vacationing in Vermont. And not only was it a hit, it is featured on our new menu. He discovered this dish while vacationing in Vermont over the summer. We hope you like it.

Smoked Scottish salmon crusted Atlantic salmon

Smoked Scottish salmon crusted Atlantic salmon On a pool of tomato dill coulis

Blackened Jumbo Shrimp With Andouille creamy grits and Louisiana BBQ sauce

My recipe this month is an appetizer we ran in the restaurant back in September and was intended as somewhat of a tribute to New Orleans. It is a blackened jumbo shrimp, andoulle sausage creamy grits with a Louisiana Barbecue Sauce. I hope you enjoy it!

'til next month, Bon Appetite!
Chef Scott

Eggnog Creme Brulee

Grilled Deep Sea Scallops

This month's recipe is a scallop dish and one that you can make at home with potatoes, fresh or frozen sweet peas, bacon or ham and mushrooms. I chose this recipe while just looking through my walk in coolers with extras and good product with nothing to do with. It was an instant hit to our guests and I hope you will like it just the same.

Guppy's Lobster Bisque

This month's recipe is Guppy's own Lobster Bisque. It is a relatively new item on the menu but I have gotten so many requests for this one that I have decided it would be a good one to share this month. Enjoy.

Apple Walnut Upside Down Pie

This is a long time favorite at Guppy's. We hope you enjoy Making and eating it.

New Orleans bread pudding

Mojito Swordfish

This months recipe is a great party pleaser and for these hot months it will be a refreshing dish to please a hot crowd. It is a Mojito grilled Swordfish with a avocado,pineapple pico de gallo.

Hawaiian Big Eye Tuna with Papaya and Cucumber Salsa

It's one of my favorite salsas that is also been a favorite to serve at the restaurant for years. It's a cucumber, papaya blend with some Hawaiian spice additions. I'm pairing it with some Honolulu big eye tuna and some Caribbean jerk spice. I hope you like it. Till next month, Bon Appetite, Chef Scott

Wild Mushroom Bisque

Mussels with white wine & chorrizo

My recipe this month is our mussel appetizer from Guppy's Menu. Fortunately, mussels are still full and plump due to the colder water in Prince Edward Island this winter, so I thought I'd share.

Chicken Palm Beach

This months recipe is on our menu and it is the farm that meets the sea fusion. It's our chicken Palm Beach. Please try it , you will be pleasantly surprised. Til next month, Bon Appetite, Chef, Scott

Kona Coffee crust deep sea scallops

My recipe this month is unique and being a coffee lover I hope you will try it and think the same. It is a Kona coffee crust deep sea scallop with a mango vanilla bean sauce. BON- APPETITE, Chef Scott

Salmon Burgers

This months recipe is also a Salmon dish, and the reason being I have been able to obtain great quality fish that is great for our Salmon Burger. Hope you enjoy it and well see you next month.
Bon- appetite,
Chef Scott

Garlic Cured Salmon

This month's recipe is an appetizer we make when wild Scottish salmon is available and the quality is at it's best. It is a garlic cured salmon Asian roll. I enjoy making this because the cooking technique is done by salt curing. I hope you like it

Butternut squash and crab bisque

Fall is here, the weather is cooling down and it is time to bring out some of my favorite seasonal recipes.This is a cream based soup that delivers a very rich flavor and a smooth velvety texture. It is a must during squash season.

Panko Parmesan Crusted Black Grouper w/ Creamy Braised Leeks

Well with the grouper ban coming closer, this recipe is a must and you still have time to enjoy it. Fresh local grouper is at it's peak , when you can get it. the water's are cool and the fish are fresh. but February first is right around the corner.

Fire Cracker Shrimp Salad

This recipe was inspired by my love for chilled noodle salad's and health factor's of green tea and soba (buckwheat flour ). This recipe brings a light summery cool taste but satisfying your hunger dish. With a little carrot and cucumber to round everything off.

Blue Crab Taco Tower

This is a dish that I love to make and have recently featured at the restaurant. It is a favorite with the guests. I hope you enjoy it also.

Chef Scott

Please join us by making your reservation online or by telephone. If you cannot find availability online, please call us and we will be happy to review our availability. Thanks so much, and we look forward seeing you soon!