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Apple Walnut Upside Down Pie

Apple Walnut Upside Down Pie


Yield. -  2 Pies

Temp. - 350 Degrees




Butter (Unsalted)      6oz

Light Brown Sugar 12oz

Chopped Walnuts   10oz

10 Inch Pie Shells   4 Each

Granny Smith Apples (Large) 8 each (peeled, corse and sliced)


       In a heavy gauged pan melt butter making sure it does not boil, slowly add sugar until all sugar is incorporated, add walnuts and pull it off the stove.

Line two 9 inch pie pans with deli paper makes sure it comes up the sides of the pie pan, lightly grease with butter.

Put equal amounts of caramel mixture in each pie pan.

Press caramel mixture with pie shell  (store bought)

Let it cool for 10 min under refrigeration.


Cinnamon Mixture

Sugar         16 oz

Cinnamon 1 table spoon

Nutmeg      ½ tea spoon


           Mix apples in cinnamon mixture and place equal amounts in the pie shells. Place the other pie shells on each of the pies. Let the shells soften for 5 min then crimp sides down firm so the pie is air tight.

Poke three holes on top


           Bake in a preheated oven (350 degrees) for one hour,

or until golden brown.


Pull pies out of the oven and let it stand for one hour


Turn pie up side down remove pie pan and deli paper



Bon Appetit.


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