3 Best Chefs’ History

Eugen Fuhrmann started the Lobster Pot Restaurant in Bermuda. After making that restaurant successful he then came to the United States in 1978 to open the Lobster Pot Restaurant in Reddington Shores, Florida with Erwin Scheuringer as the Chef.

In 1985 together both Eugen and Erwin opened Eugen’s Restaurant in Belleair Bluffs. Which led to fine dining and older clientele. In 1995 the restaurant was remodeled and opened with its new southwestern look as E & E Stakeout Grill.

In 1992, again both Eugen and Erwin along with Scott Bebell (who at that time was working as the Sous Chef at Eugen’s Restaurant) opened Guppy’s On The Beach. In April of 1999 Eugen sold his interest in the Lobster Pot Restaurant and can now devote all of his attentions and expertises to E & E Stakeout Grill, Guppy’s and the Mystic Fish (with the exception of when he is playing Golf).

In May of 2001 Eugen Fuhrmann and Doug Bebell (formally the chef at the Lobster Pot) opened the Mystic Fish Seafood Grill & Bar on Tampa Road in Palm Harbor.

All four of these men have lived and worked in this area for more than twenty years and are very well recognized in the community for not only their contributions to the restaurant industry, but for their civic involvement and continuing support of the local charitable organizations, groups, and schools alike.

Many of the same clientele visit all three restaurants and they look forward to the same quality of food and service at each establishment.